Criminal Records HUB

The Criminal Record HUB partners Youth Represent with various NYC-based non-profit immigration legal service providers to assist immigration attorneys in obtaining clients' criminal history records and summarizing the records so they can accurately and fully answer criminal record questions on immigration applications. The HUB also works to identify and correct errors in these records, by liaising with courthouses, District Attorneys, the NYPD, and all of New York’s inter-related records keeping agencies to ensure that misinformation or incomplete information does not get communicated to immigration authorities. The HUB also represents clients in clearing outstanding warrants and in Certificates of Relief and Good Conduct proceedings, and assists clients seeking early release from probation. 

Medical/Legal Partnership for Youth

Justice-involved youth experiencing mental or behavioral health issues receive on-site legal services through our Medical/Legal Partnership for Youth.  A collaboration with mental health clinics, the Project works closely with providers to improve both health and legal outcomes, foster stability, and increase chances for successful reentry.  The Project is funded by a Skadden Arps fellowship and by the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Clinic, which has contracted with us to have a Youth Represent paralegal on-site four days a week.

Youth Reentry Network

The Youth Reentry Network is a project spearheaded by Friends of Island Academy.  The Network brings together community-based organizations, like Youth Represent, and connects them with youth to reduce the time they spend on Rikers Island pending trial, as well as youth leaving Rikers, so they can successfully reenter society upon their release.  The Network is funded in part by the NYC Department of Corrections. 

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Rap App

We’re building better legal counseling tools. We believe that educational technology can help us support youth more effectively and deepen our impact.  To this end, we’ve formed a dedicated team to learn more. This team includes members of our staff, former participants in our program, and experienced technologists. Ultimately, this team is committed to using technology to get better results for young people affected by the criminal justice system.